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  1. Bubble Monster - Atxarte

    Bubble Monster - Atxarte

    Price: $60.00

    I defy you to find a cooler sloper. With this hold you can't help but have a heel-hooking good time. 3XL Learn More
  2. Font Jug - Atxarte

    Font Jug - Atxarte

    Price: $80.00

    This font gem is loads of fun. Two opposing deep jugs lead to hours of endless fun. 5XL Learn More
  3. Font Wheel - Atxarte

    Font Wheel - Atxarte

    Price: $70.00

    Your favorite style just got better with this giant loaf pinch. 4XL Learn More
  4. Gators Back - Atxarte

    Gators Back - Atxarte

    Price: $106.00

    More positive then it's Gator Belly counter the back gives you serious matching potential with an occasional bicycle or two. Learn More
  5. Gators Belly - Atxarte

    Gators Belly - Atxarte

    Price: $77.00

    Slope this if you dare. The Gator Belly's distinct texture and comfy-ness makes it a staff favorite on the vertical axis. Learn More
  6. Joes Valley Rail - Atxarte

    Joes Valley Rail - Atxarte

    Price: $70.00

    This hold was molded straight from Joes Valley Utah. If you are looking for a feature with real sandstone texture than you can't miss with this stellar hold. 4XL Learn More
  7. The Cobbler - Atxarte

    The Cobbler - Atxarte

    Price: $71.00

    Test your strength on this massive cobble. Offering everything from sweet jugginess to slopey excellence. Learn More
  8. Tissue Rail - Atxarte

    Tissue Rail - Atxarte

    Price: $90.00

    Another amazing addition from Anthony Chertudi. This hold has an incredible edge rail on one side and infinite pinching, crimping, sloping options on the other. 6XL Learn More
  9. Turtle Back - Atxarte

    Turtle Back - Atxarte

    Price: $90.00

    For the truly inspired. A hold that pushes the limits of even the best. 6XL Learn More

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